Nature School

Wild to Wise, Nature School provides an alternative to conventional forms of K-12 school for parents of children aged 3-20 in Pyay, Myanmar. We offer both Nature Play and Knowledge-Mind-Skill (KMS) process learning programs.We believe in educating the whole child head, heart and hands. We seek to cultivate a child’s natural capacities and develop in them a deep respect for the natural world.


The Atmosphere

The atmosphere of our school is unique because it is devoid of the bright plastic toys that are so often part of conventional preschool classrooms. Toys are made from natural materials such as wood, wool and clay. In our outdoor living class room children are entirely outside rain or shine in an effort to connect them to the rhythms of nature.


Outdoor Programs

Our outdoor programs are unique to the local market and are on the leading edge of a trend that has swept across the nation. There are no nature schools in Myanmar. This is why we plan to promote our new way of learning and education model throughout the Myanmar which is part of a wider movement towards spreading the message of developmental readiness in children’s education. It is for these reasons that we believe enrollment into our programs will be consistent and as a result we will succeed in this growing marketplace.

Our Vision

Shape the world green. Working together as a community of teachers and parents to create the sustainable living environment for the healthy child growth and harmonious development of inner freedom and personality that is a source of social change. We are committed to an education that reaches beyond head thinking to freeing the human spirit and engendering enthusiasm for life and service to the world.

Our Mission

Wild to Wise, Nature School, We seek to awaken a child`s sense of self and help them find their confidence in the world, by providing age appropriate Integrated Nature Play and Knowledge-Mind-Skill (KMS) Process Learning which embrace the nature that fulfills diverse needs of children with a rapid dynamic change learning opportunities and instill a love of KMS process learning theory and practice for whole child development with good knowledge, skill and high personality in their meaningful life.

Our Core Values

We work to encourage a deep respect and connection to the natural world as a foundation for learning, growth and development.

We honor and celebrate life and the interconnectedness of all living things (Sustainable living in Diverse Ecological System).
We aim to cultivate in our students a sense of wonder and reverence toward the natural world
Our aim is to foster in our students a deep value of environmental stewardship

We believe that young children should be afforded a nurturing environment that protects and shelters childhood, allowing children to grow at their own pace.

Wild to Wise, Early Childhood education principles are based on an understanding of stages of a child’s physical, emotional, intellectual, attitude, social and spiritual development.

We aim to prolong the natural sense of wonder each child has for their world by providing age appropriate harmonious development activities.

We believe that KMS process learning must address the whole human being – head (Knowledge), heart(Mind) and hands(Skill) – in a balanced way. By meeting the developmental needs of the child in all five main dimensions of perceiving (feeling), thinking, willing, working and keeping, we can best prepare them with the full range of skills and capacities needed for a meaningful life.

Children are taught the new way of thinking and are encouraged freedom of learning to be imaginative person who are great communicator and problem solver.
We believe that these important life skills empower children to become a wise person who are confident to ask the big questions:

Who am I? What’s it or happen? How can I work? What is my dream or where is my destination? Why should or shouldn’t I do? When would I do? (Know What, How, Where, Why and When.)

We help children figure out what they like, what they’re good at and understand that they have enormous potential. We help them find their reason to learn.
Finding the answers to these big questions is the fundamental purpose of education.
Children then feel confident about who they are and who they can be a wise person in their real life.

We utterly learn to know the comprehensive knowledge about child well-being: transformation and transition, and their life and environment (natural, physical, social, cultural, historical, political, economical etc.) relationship by focusing on their body and mind link to true nature.

we develop Integrated Nature Play and Knowledge-Mind-Skill (KMS) Process Learning to enable children to attain the greatest possible harmony; internal and external, spiritual and material, natural and virtual for whole child development of human potentialities and capacities, and offer fundamental guidelines principles and practice on the four main areas; personality, knowledge, skill and spirituality.

We are committed to sharing the new contextual (conceptual) approach of personal transformation link to nature and to providing its principles to apply accordingly and repeatedly from wild one to the wise person those who shape their world green and create the sustainable living proof.